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getting married during a pandemic | postpone or cancel?

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To all of my #coronabrides,

We're going to get through this difficult time.

You may be grieving your date, denying that it needs restructuring, or just waiting this out.

You decided your dream date maybe weeks, months, or even years ago.

Allow you and your fiance to process during this time, and then decide what is best for you two. Talk over your main priorities for your wedding 👇🏼

If it's celebrating with all your friends and family, then rescheduling your date so they can attend may be the right thing.

If it's getting married, sooner rather than later on your wedding date, then planning an intimate ceremony now with a party, later on, maybe the right thing to do.

I'm here if you need to talk if you need to think it through. I want to be more than just your wedding photographer right now because I can't imagine what you're going through. ♥


Are you needing to reschedule your wedding due to COVD-19? Is your wedding photographer not available for your new date?

If this is your situation or someone you know, Soul Focus would like to help you out!

If you need to reschedule your wedding date and have to find a new photographer, Soul Focus would like to give you a DISCOUNT!

We can't imagine the stress that you're currently going through and would like to help. Contact for more information.

Please feel free to share!


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