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smoke bomb gender reveal // different ideas


Gender reveal photoshoots are seriously so fun. I've had the amazing opportunity to experience surprise and joy from expecting parents. It is the best to see their reactions when the color of the gender is revealed. They are completely overcome with true happiness as their awaiting child becomes more of a reality.

Throughout this post, I will list some fun and unique ways to do your gender reveal!

Blue or Pink? Parents-to-be all over are throwing gender reveal parties with friends and family. A gender reveal party is a gathering where the expecting parents reveal the sex of their baby in a creative way.

If you have any other gender reveal ideas, please make a comment below and share!


1. Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs can be used in a variety of creative ways. You can place it on the ground, hold it, place it in a pumpkin... The options are endless! Just be sure to read the safety guidelines before using these.

2. Gender Reveal Cake

Eating cake is always a great idea. A gender reveal cake is a cost-effective option because it also serves as the food for your guests. You can save even more money if you bake the cake yourself. To make a gender reveal cake, add blue or pink food coloring to the inside of the cake and frost the outside with a gender-neutral color like white.

3. Gender Reveal Box

These are becoming increasingly popular. For this, you take a large box and fill it with either pink or blue balloons. When you open the box, the balloons will pop up to reveal the gender of your baby.

4. Gender Reveal Piñata

A piñata will definitely do the trick if you are looking for a suspenseful and exciting way to reveal the gender of your baby. Many stores sell gender reveal piñatas, or you can make your own with a DIY project. You can fill the piñata with pink or blue candy, confetti, etc.

5. Gender Reveal Confetti

Using confetti is an exciting and memorable way to reveal the gender of your baby. Hand out party poppers to your guests or use confetti canons. Using confetti can make for a beautiful moment captured on camera.

6. Gender Reveal Silly String

This is a fun one, especially if you have guests with kiddos. Hand everyone a neutral-colored can of silly string that is filled with blue or pink string. When it is time for the big reveal, have all of your guests spray your growing family with silly string to reveal the gender. Definitely a messy time, but worth it for the fun!

7. Gender Reveal Balloons

Balloons can be used in many different ways in gender reveal parties or pictures. You can attach dark balloons filled with blue or pink paint to a canvas and use darts to pop the balloons, splattering the paint. Balloons can also be filled with helium and pink or blue confetti. Once popped, the confetti will explode and fall around you.

8. Gender Reveal Sparklers

Sparklers are a unique and beautiful way to reveal the gender of your baby. Buy sparklers that are either blue or pink when lit and hand them out to your guests. The color indicating the gender will shine bright amongst your party while excitement soars.

9. Gender Reveal for the Sports Lovers

Did you know that you can buy footballs, baseballs, etc. that can explode with colored powder? This is an extremely creative gender reveal idea that is perfect for the sport-loving family. Hit the baseball with a bat or kick-off the football to envelope the area in colored powder.

10. Gender Reveal Volcano

Do you happen to love science or cool volcanoes? Yes? Then this one is for you! Make a DIY volcano and use either pink or blue food coloring for the "lava". When the volcano erupts, the gender of your baby will be revealed and your guests will be amazed.


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